Call for Papers for a workshop on “Epic Heroism in Late Antiquity”, to take place in Lisbon (Centro de Estudos Clássicos, Faculdade de Letras) and online on 15-16 September 2022.

The workshop aims to address the reception of epic models of heroism in late antique literature, investigating how different authors and genres appropriated, reformulated, and adapted the heroics encoded in the epic poems of earlier times.

Participants are asked to reflect on :

  1. how specific epic heroes are received in late antiquity
  2. the use of epic models in late antique authors’ self-fashioning strategies and in their projection of new heroic ideals
  3. the transvaluation of epic heroism in late antique literary texts in accordance with the ethical, psychological, and metaphysical principles prevalent in late antique culture.

Speakers can participate either in person or online. The working language of the event will be English.

Confirmed speakers so far are (in alphabetical order):
Gianfranco Agosti (Pisa), William Dominik (Lisbon), Fotini Hadjittofi (Lisbon), Anna Lefteratou (Cambridge), Laura Miguélez-Cavero (Madrid), Cillian O’Hogan (Toronto), Sophia Papaioannou (Athens), Tine Scheijnen (Ghent), Jan Stenger (Würzburg), Thomas Tsartsidis (Munich), Berenice Verhelst (Amsterdam), Catherine Ware (Cork).

Proposals for papers on Latin literature are especially welcome. Please send a title and abstract (~ 200 words) to Fotini Hadjittofi (Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.) by June 5. Replies to those who have submitted will be sent by June 10.

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