Research interests:

I study Latin poetry, especially poetics and literary aesthetics of late antiquity, as well as selected aspects of medieval and neo-Latin literature. I am particularly interested in the culture of the Romano-Barbaric age (5th-7th cent. A.D.). My publications in this field include: Genres Rediscovered… (2011), a commented edition and Polish translation of Maximianus’s elegies, focused on the question of their reception, in particular in medieval didactic practice in the Kraków Academy (2016), and a comparative study on two late Latin poems on Alcestis (2018). Among my earlier studies on ancient literary genres is a monograph on the Roman verse epistle (2002). Besides, I have published translations and articles on Latin works by Francesco Petrarch. I am also interested in some socio-cultural aspects of the Roman world, especially the problem of literary patronage. I have co-authored the first Polish translation (with Latin edition) od the entire corpus of Digesta Iustiniani (2012-2017).

Research keywords:

Latin poetry, classical and post-classical; genre studies; poetics and literary aesthetics of late antiquity; literary culture of the Romano-Barbaric age (5th-7th cent. A.D.); Roman literary criticism; textual criticism; medio- and neo-Latin literature, in particular poetry and epistolography of Italian humanism.

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